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Commissioning a bespoke piece of art can be a daunting journey. My aim is to make the journey enjoyable and engage with my clients throughout. I break it down into stages, guiding the client through, so they are aware of how the design is developing and for them to feel part of this process.

I have developed a successful method which starts with sketching in watercolour to present initial themes to the client which allows them to visualise the design. Alongside this, I make up swatch strips of their chosen colours in glass so they can see how the colours will work in their home.

Once the client has selected their preferred design, I translate this into an actual fused glass sample for the client to see how it works in the ‘flesh’.

After their approval of the glass sample I then manufacture the final piece.

I use a wonderful range of glass called Bullseye, layering the cut glass to create new colour palettes. All the cut pieces are laid on top of a base clear piece. The whole piece is placed in the kiln to fire for around 24hrs. Often each piece will require 2 or sometimes 3, firings according to the finish and texture desired. Surface markings can be added by sandblasting across the glass along with other textural effects which I love to experiment with.

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