Feature glazed kitchen doors – apartment London W1. The brief was to create a diffusion so that guests sitting in the adjacent dining room, could not see directly into the kitchen. The client wanted bold colours with a strong graphic design to work with their interior and dynamic collections of artwork.

Stylish glazed living room doors – 1950’s house in London SE21. The clients were looking for a nod to mid-century design and colours to enhance the period of their home. They particularly liked the textile designs from this era and wanted a strong impact for their doors which opened from the hall into their living room.

Colourful kitchen window – Apartment London SW1. The kitchen window looked out onto the fire escape of the adjacent apartment and brick wall, so the client wanted to hide this eyesore with a colourful feeling of landscape.

Dynamic front door panels and side panel London SE4. The client did not like the existing clear textured glass, and so wanted something more cheerful to light up her hallway. She loved art around her house, and particularly loved photos of reflections. The brief was to create something which would be bright, and a mix of movement with some abstract design in too.

Side window panels to front door – Lake District. The clients were building a new extension to their holiday home and wanted some colourful side window panels next to the door. The theme was movement, with changes in the colour palette moving from light through to warmer colours, along with a ribbon of sandblast accent.