Hastings tryptich

Hastings tryptich

Last year, I was commissioned by a couple who have their home in Hastings…looking out on a wonderful view over their allotments, out to sea. They wanted a striking tryptich for their bedroom which part echoed the view, but wasn’t a copy of it. We chatted about colours, ideas, and they asked if they could have their favourite flower, purple aliums incorporated in too!

here is the first,,,and very rough sketch I did, which started the ball rolling…sketchI then produced small samples in glass, to check the colours and rough design idea was working ok…

sample   alium

then a few more tweaks ….and then the cutting out started for the final pieces…

all laid outthen this weekend, I managed to finally get down to see the tryptich installed!

hastings trio  600  trio with view

I love working with different clients…having their individual inspirations and requests for designs … and being able to realise their visions and loves into truly unique and very personal works of art for them!

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