Colourful Flowers…and Leaves!

Colourful Flowers…and Leaves!

Whilst we are still having a bit of a yo-yo spring in terms of weather, everytime I see the joyful colour of daffodils and tulips, it makes me feel brighter. I love spring flowers, the simplicity of these flowers, with their strong and bold colour. ..just makes the heart sing..

here are some pics I’ve taken …

tulip      orange tulip      tulip 2

I am working on a lovely commission for a friend, who has bought several of my leaf design platters and so wanted to use this as inspiration for a set of 4 panels for his landing. I have cut them all out, and assembled them on the floor to see how the design is looking….it is loosely based on the will be even more colourful than this, once they are fired in the kiln!

jems seasons

Now , I am working more detail in, like this ‘Spring’ panel below. They will have 2 or 3 firings each..I will send photos of the finished panels in my next newsletter. Please sign up here if you would like to be on my quarterly mailing list.



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