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Writing this journal is a documentation of my work and how I use my environment to inspire and influence my work. It aims to show a diary of what I’m up to and what I like to do in London and on days away – so there will be photos of projects I’m working on, and how those things came about as well as interesting stuff I see, or experience. I hope it is inspiring, both about sharing my glass work, and also from the observations I make as I mainly cycle, (or stroll) around London and further afield, always looking,(often upwards!)and always with my trusted camera to capture not only beautiful, remarkable, or unusual sights, but also hidden or unnoticed gems that catch my eye.. So I would like to share any photos I love, that inspire me or that thrill me.

Love and Unity

I was moved to write a different style of journal page, at a time where hope has to triumph over fear ..’You see, war is not the answer For only love can conquer hate You know we’ve got to find a way To bring some lovin’ here today..’  Marvin Gaye I took part in the kiss […]

Colourful Flowers…and Leaves!

Whilst we are still having a bit of a yo-yo spring in terms of weather, everytime I see the joyful colour of daffodils and tulips, it makes me feel brighter. I love spring flowers, the simplicity of these flowers, with their strong and bold colour. ..just makes the heart sing.. here are some pics I’ve taken […]

Reflections on a New Year…

I might be in the minority, but I quite like January! I feel it is a time for contemplation and reflection about the year that has just finished and also thinking about the year ahead. I am not one for planning too much ahead; I like to try and take things as they come. Often we can miss […]

A big heartfelt thankyou… all of my lovely friends and customers, for supporting my glass business, and especially over the past year. It was great to see lots of you at our recent Open Studios, and I am continually touched by your kindness and enthusiasm in buying my glass pieces! As many of you know, I have been making lots […]

Autumnal Mood..

The nights are certainly drawing in now..but we are lucky to still be savouring wonderful sunny balmy days..I love this time of year! The colours just hum with vibrancy in the mellow sunlight..the photo above is of the creeper on our garden fence. I seem to have absorbed the colours and designs of leaves into […]

Flowers in the rain…

I visited a fragrant and serene lavender garden the other weekend with my friend. It was so beautiful, especially in the rain, and also had the most wonderful wild flower garden…it was a insightful reminder that the simplest of experiences and a connection with nature, can be the most rewarding.             Isn’t it just heavenly? I recently […]

All in Pink ..the story

Love Pink!! I have been creating some pink inspired glass pieces to raise funds for the Salisbury Hospital Breast Cancer Care unit as they are working towards building a new centre. A gorgeous friend of mine is currently being treated there, and so we thought it would be interesting to create some handmade pink glass pieces to […]

Stunning floral colour!

Stunning colour in nature can often just make you stop and look, and admire! – a few pics of flowers that I’ve taken recently..    I’m always trying to find ways to incorporate colour inspired by nature into my glass work  …  the glass I use, Bullseye, has a fabulous colour range!

Hastings tryptich

Last year, I was commissioned by a couple who have their home in Hastings…looking out on a wonderful view over their allotments, out to sea. They wanted a striking tryptich for their bedroom which part echoed the view, but wasn’t a copy of it. We chatted about colours, ideas, and they asked if they could […]

Colour inspirations…

When I am out and about, I always am seeing wonderful colour combinations, that then often feed into my work…on a recent windy and grey weekend in Dorset, I took these shots… these colours found their way into new glass dishes… Come and see them and lots more at our forthcoming Open Studios next month!

Spring is blooming

I love this time of year when the evenings start to get lighter, spring flowers are appearing and the birds are getting chirpier! Springtime is definitely starting…so a couple of pictures of glass work to inspire that feeling…         the fritillary was made as a special present for a customer’s friend. The bathroom window was […]

New Arrivals…

I was lucky enough last year to work on a wonderful commission for a new midwife led ward at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey. Working closely with the project architect and the midwifery team, I produced mood boards, and samples for approval, before embarking on the mammoth task to create a series of 8 large […]

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